100th Day of School

For weeks I’ve been getting an almost daily countdown to the 100th day of school from my Kindergartner.  I’m not sure where this phenomenon started, but it’s a big deal in our school!  I had never heard of it until last year while paging through the book order forms and seeing multiple books referring to the 100th day.  This year my daughter’s class has been counting the days of school since day 1, and it’s just about all I’ve heard about while volunteering in her class recently.

Tonight during dinner she asked “so what did you make for our 100th day treat?”  Uh… nothing!  She perked up and said asked what we could still make in time.  Cupcakes?  Nah… to typical.  Decorated cookies or cake pops?  I didn’t want to stay up all night, plus she’s already taken pops twice for Halloween & her birthday.  I pulled out the three paw print chocolate molds I had picked up a few months ago.  Our district mascot is the Wildcat and I HAD to have these on hand for school spirit treats for the years ahead!  One is a chocolate lollipop mold, we passed on this one this time around as we made yellow ribbon lolli’s for Veteran’s Day.  Another mold is for small individual paw prints, great for cupcake toppers.  The last was a dipped cookie mold…  ding ding ding!  Luckily I had a package of sandwich cookies in the pantry and enough white chocolate coating so we set to work.  Unfortunately the mold only makes six at a time and it’s a multi step process so it did take a couple of hours from start to finish but they turned out well and she will hopefully be pleased when she wakes for school tomorrow.

I individually wrapped them so her teacher could just send them home with the kids at the end of the day!  I’m always looking out for her well being, she has enough going on in the classroom that I wanted something easy she could choose to enjoy in class or send home.


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