Comfort Food

Last night I had the opportunity to go to the grocery store… unrushed and KID FREE!  To some that means nothing, but to me it is a milestone.  Normally I am super rushed trying to get as many errands completed during preschool hours as I can and evening trips with the kids are out of the question.

While perusing the bread aisle I spotted a familiar blue label and was reminiscent for a minute.  Beefsteak Soft Rye Bread… I hadn’t had it in years but remember my mother and I eating it slice after slice with butter on top or even plain.  It was very rarely used for sandwiches and was usually gone within a day.  It was always the ‘no seeds’ variety.  I honestly never knew rye bread typically had caraway seeds until I was an adult and ordered a sandwich one day at a deli!

This morning as I was doing random things around the house, I kept thinking about that loaf of bread and all the foods that made me feel good as a child.  My grandmother’s sugar cookies and spice cake, my grandfather’s ‘goulash’ that he made with ketchup, another grandmother’s meatballs made at Christmas, and Shake n’ Bake (chicken or pork) that my dad always made when I visited on the weekends.  None of these foods would probably fit into today’s comfort food mold of rich & decedent plates but to me they are my childhood comforts.

Of course I brought a loaf home and enjoyed a turkey sandwich for lunch.  The rest will be eaten with butter or plain and I’m sure finished off by my girls.   It makes me wonder what will be on my their comfort food lists as they grow?


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