Crazy Craft Bits!

If you have kids, especially little girls you inevitably have what I call ‘craft bits’ in different nooks & crannies of your house.  Today while looking through the craft supply baskets in search of colored pipe cleaners for a birthday party project, I found it was time to figure out a better way or storage.  Plastic zipper bags filled with colored poms, glitter glue pens, multiple opened packs of googly eyes, and popscicle sticks spilled out of the baskets and I was scared what could be lurking in the bottom.  I thought about what I had on hand to sort the items that were easily stackable and would go right back into the cubbies the baskets came out of.  First I thought of mason jars… I have plenty and love the universal size, clear storage and stackability but these are my kids we are talking about.  They are not the most graceful (like their mother) and storing their tiny items in glass jars didn’t seem like the smartest idea.  I had some small boxes, but not enough for these needs and I’d have to make labels to keep track of what was inside since they were not see through.

I got side tracked making lunch and while washing dishes looked up to see my stack of reusable containers our lunch meet comes in.  Lightbulb!  Thank you Hillshire Farms for packaging in these plastic (I think Glad) containers.  I save them to use for leftovers and love their perfect size for stacking in the cabinets and fridge.  I grabbed the stack and headed to the dining room cabinets… two side by side fit perfectly in the cubbie and it seemed I had plenty.  I set to work opening and sorting packages, all the while picturing my husband shaking his head at me over all the little items.

In the end I had enough containers and they all fit back into one cubbie.  The items too large for these containers went back into one basket and I never did find that package of pipe cleaners!  I did find I had a large supply of colored popscicle sticks that would be perfect for the upcoming birthday party.  Now to figure out what to make from them!

I’m now out of containers for the kitchen… off to eat a turkey sandwich!


3 thoughts on “Crazy Craft Bits!

  1. Those containers are VERY handy! We just got new rubbermaid containers and so I took all of my old mis-matched hand me downs and went to work in my crafty room! I love organization! (even though most of the time it doesnt happen for me!) I start out with good intentions only to get lost somewhere in the middle!

  2. I love that these are all the same container! I too love organization and have a strange need for uniformity but have trouble following through! Normally I get about 60% done towards my goal and then get side-tracked. Glad it worked out this time around!

  3. Brilliant! I love saving glass and plastic food containers. The supplies in my classroom are stored in stacking “cuties” boxes from back when they were still made from wood.

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