RECIPE: Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta Bake

FINALLY!!!  This new recipe is a carryover from last week’s dinner menu, it has also been tagged in my email since 2009!  I do not know the original source, but based on the time I saved this I am only to assume that it came from a Weight Watchers message board.  Like almost every recipe, I made some adjustments to ingredients to suit our tastes.  I mean really, for the amount of other ingredients 1/4 cup of cheese just wasn’t  enough… I am from Wisconsin after all!  I also felt after a test bite, it was a little bland for my liking so I added the seasoned bread crumb topping which really made it great!  I also finished the dish in the oven vs. preparing completely on the stovetop.

My youngest protested right away since the word ‘chicken’ was mentioned (thanks to her sister).  But with some pushing, she finally dug in and ate her entire portion… leaving behind the chicken.  My oldest proclaimed after one bite “this is great” and proceeded to finish her bowl before her sister even took one bite and had seconds.  With approval from the kids, this dish will now go into normal rotation!

Some notes before I get to the recipe!

*  I used a package of my precooked crockpot chicken from the freezer for this dish.  My process is mentioned in the post for Cheesy Chicken & Rice Bake

*  Whatever shape pasta you have on hand can be used… penne, bowtie, rotini.  I happened to have half a box of wheel pasta in the pantry so that’s what I used here.  Use a big pot to cook your pasta!  That way you are ready to mix everything together you can use the pasta pot and save on dirty dishes!

*  Instead of buying something different, I just used sliced deli ham.  With the delay in getting to this recipe, I only had a little over 2oz left after a packing lunches recently.  So use whatever you might have on hand!

Cordon Bleu Casserole Pasta Bake

8 oz pasta (dry measure, any shape)
2 cups cooked shredded chicken breast
½  cup shredded swiss cheese
1 cup fat free half & half
8 wedges Laughing Cow Light Swiss
4 oz diced ham

4 Tbsp bread crumbs
2 tsp Italian seasoning
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp garlic salt

1)  Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2)  Boil pasta until just tender, drain & set aside

3)  In a small sauce pan combine half & half and cheese wedges.  Heat on medium low until melted, stirring frequently

4)  In a large bowl (or your pasta pot!) stir together cooked pasta, chicken, swiss cheese, and ham.  Pour cream mixture over and stir until evenly combined

5)  Pour into 9×13 glass baking dish, sprayed with non-stick spray

6)  In a small bowl, combine topping ingredients.  Sprinkle evenly over dish

7)  Bake 20-25 minutes or until hot & bubbly

I used a shallow baking dish, preparing half of the recipe for dinner and packaging the other half for the freezer.

Using the Recipe Nutrition Calculator through MyFitnessPal I was able to calculate the nutritional information for this dish for those interested.  I included the numbers for 6 or 8 servings based on the portion size you prefer.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta Bake
6 310 37 8 18 981 5
8 233 28 6 14 736 4

Because I was only preparing dinner for myself and my two children, I split the completed recipe into two pans before baking in the oven.  I packed one half of the dish in a disposable foil pan, double wrapped it in foil and clearly labeled it for the freezer.  When ready to reheat, remove it from the freezer the day before and place in the fridge.  When thawed, bake for 25-35 minutes at 350 degrees or until hot & bubbly.


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