Eat From The Pantry Challenge… Week 1 Menu

Today was day 1 of our household challenge.  I explained to the kids what we’d be doing and they seemed excited as they could look ahead to the week.  We successfully stuck to today’s menu, so far so good!  I also used up a partial box of corn Chex by making Puppy Chow for the kids to snack on through out the week.  Below is this week’s menu with notes…

*  Monday night we have Girl Scouts so a quick dinner is a must.

*  Wednesday’s dinner is a new recipe I’ve been wanting to try.  Recipe review to come later in the week.

*  Thursdays are traditionally pizza night as we have gymnastics after school.  We usually choose Little Caesars for their $5 ready-to-go menu.

* Recipes for Friday & Saturday’s dinners will also be posted ahead of time in case you’d like to ‘have dinner with us’ at your own home!

15 16 17 18 19 20 21
BREAKFAST cinnamon rolls pancake sausage dogs oatmeal waffles cereal eggs
LUNCH kids soup tuna mac & cheese hot dogs sandwiches spaghettio’s
DINNER sandwiches teriyaki beef & fried potatoes chicken cordon bleu casserole pizza cheezy chicken rice & beans spicy salsa beef casserole

2 thoughts on “Eat From The Pantry Challenge… Week 1 Menu

  1. I’d love to see that list of pantry staples and such that you always keep on hand. I think that’s a great idea. I’ve been going and buying different things every time I go, no real organization to how I shop.

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